Welcome To Our Educational Center :
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  • Keeping the abobve in view, Milan's Academy has been well-equipped to meet the challenge with its innovative strategic guidelines.The uncexcelled record set by Milan;s Academy during last twenty years have been already aired in the twin city of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.
We Stress On
  • 1. To Present the subject in logical, clear and comprehensive style.
    2. How littl needs ot be known in order to understand as much as spossible.
    3. The fundamnetal not on shortcuts as there is not shortcut
  • Online Examination for General Knowledge - Civil Service Exams, Railway Recruitment Section Officers, U.D.C, RBI Exnams and bmore galley Exams, Indian Services, Indian Police Services, Income Tax, Grade,Services, Indian Police Services, Incom Section Officers Section Officers, U.D.C, RBI Exnams and bmore galley of type and scrr inter.
What We Do
  • 1. With speculated schedule we finsih the entire syllabus at end of December so that we have enough tme to revision.
    2. In each and every week there will be test and in every fortnight there will be revision test.
    3. One to one intraction with the teacher
    4. Each and every problem from atleast two books..
Course Offered
  • BHU
  • JEE(Main & Advance)
  • NEET
  • OJEE
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